Sunday, March 6, 2011

Beautiful Baby Quilts

And now as promised, sweet sweet quilted eye candy.

JAQS Studios Hot Air Balloon quilt

BEAUTIFUL faux chenille blanket from Laura Thoughts.  She did use flannel for her chenille layers and I think it dose look fuzzier.  Goodness that looks awesome.

I LOVE the beautiful bright happy colors in this quilt form Diary of a Quilter.  While I was there I also noticed a great beginning quilting how to here.

Mmmmm I also LOVE the colors in this quilt made by Dana at Old Red Barn.  So Pretty.

One of many gorgeous quilts at Red Pepper Quilts.  You really should go over there and enjoy all the pretty colors.

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  1. These quilts are all so cute! One day I will get the courage up to make a quilt.