Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Baby Shoes

Oh for cuteness.  Check out these baby shoes.

I love the kimono style shoe.  I have always wanted to make some, BUT there are only so many hours in the night.
You can buy these cuties here. Or if you are more of the make my own type there is great tutorial here.

After seeing this picture I kinda think I need to make a pair for Bryce for every day of the week.

Or there is this style.  They look like they may stay on better and I love the manly look of these particular pair. Once again you can buy these here.    I also found a really great tutorial for shoes similar to these and they are reversible, here.  Or there is this tutorial, here.  They are not reversible, but still cute.

Or you could be the most awesome person ever and show up at a shower these.  The tutorial, here, makes it look amazingly easy.  I kinda want to figure out how to make them in a big girl size for Emma.  Only maybe part of their charm is their littleness.  Oh My could you imagine these in some yummy Amy Butler Fabric with rosettes and ric rac.  Although if you made that you would have to make a cute little dress to go with them.

And if you are looking for any more inspiration, Or if you are female and therefore just like looking at cute shoes, I love basically everything at Gracious May.

Bow Wedding MaryJanes.  (Drooling just a little)

Pink Fuzzy Boots I love little little girls in big fluffy boots. 

And there are even cute boy shoes

I hope you enjoyed checking out all the cute baby shoes.  I am very excited about tomorrows post so be sure to stop by and check it out.


  1. Thanks for sharing the links. I have been wanting to try my hand at shoes for my Roly Poly. I even have that Michael Miller dino fabric on hand.

  2. These are all so adorable! I just love baby shoes. I would even decorate with baby shoes instead of hiding them in a drawer.

  3. These are really cute, especially the little boots.

  4. adorable.....
    i like it, may you share the tutorials, please???

  5. So adorable!! I want to make these cute shoes for my baby!