Monday, March 7, 2011

Baby On the Move

This is the diaper bag my sister got.   She really wanted her diaper bag, carseat, and stuff all to match.

SO I made her all of this.

You are looking at a sling, minky travel blanket, nursing cover, car seat tent, and nursing cover.

Let's start with the sling shall we.

There is a really great tutorial about baby slings here.  Really truly you should read this tutorial before making one of these.  Slings are pretty easy, but they can be tricky to to get the size just right.

Here are the basics.

A strip of fabric with a rounded end, sewn with right sides together.

Turn is the right side out and sew the rounded seam.

Then fold it in half and enjoy carrying around your sweet little baby.

I have used slings for all my babies since the second one.  My babies love being in them and it makes it so much easier to get things done and know none of your other sweet children are doing something to the baby while your back is turned.


  1. Make some bibs and burp cloths to match, then it will be complete! I LOVED having bibs and burp cloths that matched my diaper bag, after getting washed they went right back in there, no need to remember to pack some before going out!

  2. What kind of fabric did you use? I'm having a really hard time figuring out what type to use.