Monday, March 28, 2011

Baby Art

As much as I love Bryce's nursery I never really felt like it was done.  Last week I finally got the inspiration and know what I want to do with it.  SO although I have a ton of other projects that should be higher on the list (like operation find the laundry room floor) today I started Bryce's room revamp.  I will show you things along the way.
The first thing is that I always felt like it needed more.  More art on the walls and more accessories.  You know more layers.  Don't worry soon there will be plenty of layers to enjoy.

This is what was already in the room.

Brycey has a HUGE closet so I store the clothes the kids aren't actually wearing in his extra closet.  We recently did the whole" purge the closets of stuff that doesn't fit and see what we have that does" thing so there are clothes everywhere.  I guess step one to Brycey's room revamp should be clean it.  :(  Not the most fun first step so I will make art instead, after all the walls are clean.


CLOSE UP (I said that kinda loud and excited hence all caps)

OK OK do you want a little tutorial.  First of all I picked the big canvas' up on clearance for $.75 a piece and the small one was like a dollar.  I used paint I already had so this was uber cheap-a-rific. 

Lets start with the hand print shall we. 

Oh sweet baby hands.  Why do they look so much cuter when I put his hand prints on something on purpose?  I swear they are not that cute wen I am cleaning them off the fridge, windows, and walls.

Step one:  Prep your canvas by painting it your background color.  I really wanted these to be sweet and still fun and match his room so I went with the monochromatic light blue and bright blue.  While those are drying go to step two.

Step two: put your baby in a shirt that you don't care about or strip him down to a diaper, after all babies are very washable.
Here is my baby in his painting shirt.

Step three:  Put your baby in his high chair.  At this point it is nice to have a helper.  Sorry I didn't take any pictures of this part (I was a little busy).  Work one hand at a time.  Have your helper hold the canvas and be ready to put it on the high chair tray.  With a brush, paint the first had and hold it.  Have your helper put the canvas down and then you press his hand on to the canvas. Then pull up the hand, have your helper take the canvas away, and use a wipey to clean the paint off baby's hand.  If at first you don't succeed try try again.  If you don't get a hand print you like don't worry, dry brush off any access paint and repaint over the print with the background color.  Once it is dry you are good to go again.  
If you like your first try, wait for it to dry, make sure all the paint is off his first hand and then repeat the steps again for the other hand. and you are done.

Now for the silhouette (but I didn't use my Silhouette)

Step one:  First I painted my canvas background color, then I took the profile picture.  To get a good profile I put Brycey on a dinning chair and had Emma hold a balloon up in front of his face so he would look at her and look up slightly. Then I printed it out (I just printed it in proof mode so I didn't waste a bunch of ink.) and traced the outline I wanted.  

Then I flipped it over and just scribbled around the back side of the out line. (do you LOVE my super classy drying Crisco can?)  Ok flip your paper back over, place it on your canvas where you want it, and trace over the line you already drew.  This will give you a faint line it paint inside.  I took a picture, but the line didn't show up. Bummer.

But there you go.  You are done.   For the little B print I just painted it the darker color and then free handed a B on it.  Super easy.

Then hang'em up.

And admire your baby's cuteness.  OH Cute.


  1. love love love your little boys room! =)

  2. Absolutely love the art work... so classy! (hey, Laura! I actually logged on to my account FIRST so I could leave a comment and not feel like such a corner house stalker!!

  3. Such a sweet little room! I love the silhouette. Thanks for sharing the directions. I would like to try this!.

  4. This is so cute! And by the way your son is adorable! Thanks for sharing!


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  6. Such a sweet idea! My youngest son's middle name is Bryce. Thanks bunches for linking to my blog bash K.I.S.S. last week. Looking forward to seeing what fun idea you link up this week. :)

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  7. I just stumbled upon your blog from pinterest...I absolutely LOVE this idea! I can't wait to try it out with my three lovies!! :-)