Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What I Have Been Up To

I have been so busy making baby things for my little sister and I plan on showing you all that craziness (and doing a few tutorials) but that will have to wait until after February 27, because that is when her baby shower is and I don't want her seeing any of it until then.  I can tell you I am making a baby sling, nursing cover, car seat tent cover, wipey case, travel blanket, receiving blankets, other blankets, the quilt, bumper, bed skirt, valence, and a few other surprises that she doesn't know about yet so I am not going to mention them here.
I may have gone a little crazy, but it is my only little sister's first baby and I am going through some baby withdrawals.  I know I have a baby, but my baby is big and I want a newborn.  I LOVE NEWBORNS!  I know a lot of people who say they are not newborn people, (crazy people just can't wait until their baby are bigger and can do stuff) but just don't understand that.  They are so soft and sweet and cuddly and smell good and they breath cute and they make sweet content noises.  OH I just love them.  I also love getting ready for them.  I HATE being pregnant, but I love all the fun of decorating the nursery, choosing quilt fabric, buying the baby stuff.  So I guess I am just trying to get my baby stuff fix.   Maybe March will have to be an All About Baby month.  That sounds fun.
Good I am glad we too care of that.  This brings me to a bit of bad news. I was totally planning on revealing more of my family room redo to you today, but my camera is dead.  Like dead dead.  Like I can't even do the little trick where you take the battery out and then put it back in.  And I can't find my battery charge anywhere; which leads me to wonder if I left it in the hotel room in San Diego. Ummm.  That sounds like me, but I really thought I got everything.  Regardless I can't take pictures soooooo that is going to make it a lot harder to take pictures of the stuff I am doing.  What to do.  I called the hotel and they had me leave a message with housekeeping and they didn't call me back. Lame.  So for now, sorry I am lame.

I do have this lovely picture of my family room mid construction and a funny story for you.  And yes I was watching Gilmore Girls when this picture was taken.

The story has to do with the red carpet cleaner in the left center to this picture and this baby.  You see I was standing on the dining chair by fireplace nailing molding on the the wall when Emma moved the couch barricade so she could come in the room and tell me how she could help me with the nails.  I thanked her for the offer, but reminded her that she was already being a big help by baby sitting Bryce.  It was at that moment I turned to see Bryce, sitting exactly where that red carpet cleaner is, sticking his hand in the gallon of blue paint he had just spilled on himself and the carpet.  First I grabbed Bryce out of the paint.  Put him in his high chair, wiped out his mouth (because the moment I yelled "Byrcey NO" he stuck his hands in his mouth) and called Poison Control.

Side note: Although this was my first time calling Poison Control, (there a first for everything),  I now have Poison Control as one of the favorite in my cell phone.  After all if you are needing to call them your probably not leisurely thinking "Now what was that number again?  Didn't I have it taped up around here somewhere?"

  Good news, if your one year old ever sticks his hand in some paint and then in his mouth.  He is fine.  No need to call poison control. Just wipe out his mouth and give him some milk to help get the taste of paint out. As long as he is not throwing up you have nothing to worry about. If he does start throwing up take him to the emergency room.... but I am guessing you knew that.
Once I had Bryce cleaned up in his chair (by the way he was not happy about being stuck in his chair) I had to turn my attention to my carpet and gallon of blue paint poured out on it.  First I scooped the paint back into the can with my hands (keep in mind all of this happened in a few minutes).  Then I got old dish cloths (makes me glad I keep all the old dish cloths in a separate drawer because I would have grabbed just about anything at that moment to save the carpet), got them really wet and stated trying to blot up the paint.  It was a lot of paint and not to long after I started I realized I was never going to be able to get it all out of the carpet with just these towels.  So I called my hubby and had him stop off and pick up the carpet cleaner.  While I was waiting for him to get home I put dish soap on it and kept it wet.  After cleaning it several times with the cleaner I got it all out.  You can't even tell where it was.  Although in hind sight I kinda wish I hadn't be able to get it out because then I would have had to get an area rug to cover the spot.  That would have been awesome.


  1. I'm due in March with # 2 and I also cannot wait to have a newborn around again!!! I love newborns too. = )

    An All About Baby month would be so fun!

  2. This post was hilarious. I love how you said, "So for now, sorry I am lame." What? You are never lame. But I get the camera saga. Our only good camera got sand in it at the beach and it hasn't worked since. I am glad you told me that paint story, so I know about the poison control. I'm glad your baby was okay and I'm glad you saved the carpet. :-)

  3. It really is amazing that you can't even tell where the paint was (I'm an eyewitness!) Love that little "nicey-Brycey", but he does have some mischief in him!

  4. Guess it pays to be your actual sister and not just your sister-in-law. ;)

  5. Sorry Andrea. Aimee is paying for all the supplies, so I am just giving her my time. Next time if you would like to buy all the fabric i would be more than happy to make you everything. Plus girl you are so awesome you can do it all for yourself.