Saturday, February 12, 2011

Wall Molding Tutorial

Let's get one thing very clear from the get go.  I have no idea what I am talking about.  I am glad we got that clear.  That said here is how I did my totally awesome molding.

Step One:  Pick a wall and look at it.  I picked this wall.  Please excuse the Christmas decor.  Funny story the night of Dec 23rd I took all of that down, even the tree and totally redecorated this room for Christmas in slivers and white and snow.  Yup I am just that CRAZY.  I guess I was just tired to the same old same old Christmas decor I had been putting out for years.

Step 2: Get an idea of where you would like your molding to be.  After a lot of thought I decided I wanted thin molding forming rectangles the height of the niches.  I knew I wanted them on either side of the tv and 3 on the sides.  That was about as far as I got on the planning stage before I went and bought the supplies.  I guess you could draw it out, pre-measure, and stuff like that, but my mind doesn't craft that way.

Step 3: Get your supplies:
I got the molding at Home Depot.  It is not the wood stuff that you buy by the foot.  If you walk all the way down the molding aisle and then look to your left or right on an end cap thingy you will see these sticks of molding.  It is usually white, but the shape I like kinda had a wood color look to it.  Best of all it is like $3-4 for a I want to say 7 ft stick.  That is right it was like $40 to make my wall look that good.
Okay so what ever molding you want... check
You will need caulk and a caulking gun.  (Can I just say that after this project caulk may have replaced spray paint as my new best friend.)
Umm and you will also need nails, a hammer, measuring tape, level, and the all important miter saw.  Oh and paint and one of those sand paper sponges and other stuff you may need for painting.

Step 4:  Pick a place to start.  I picked here.  Holy Cow how did picking a place to start end up as step 4.  I could have sworn that was step 1.

First I measured the long part, 36 inches.  I knew I wanted it the start at the top corner and then I decided I wanted it to go down to about 1.5 inches from the mantel.  I decided to make 1.5 my spacing number.  After I measured the long part I measured the whole width of that section and subtracted 3 inches (1.5 and 1.5)  then I nailed that rectangle to the wall.  I thought since I had no idea what I was doing it would be best to cut this one rectangle of molding at a time.

Step 5: Cut your molding.

I know you are looking at this picture and wondering "where is this saw?  Is that a blanket and garbage bags?"  I took this picture after I was all done and the saw was already in the back of my van so I could take it back to my wonderful friend who let me borrow it.

Back to cutting wood.  Lay the molding flat on the base of the saw.  Turn the saw table to one of the 45 degree angles and leave the blade straight up and down.  Can I just tell you that using a saw is F U N!

Step 6:  Use a level, make sure it is straight and nail those bad boys on the wall.

Repeat Steps 4-6 Measure and cut and hang and measure and cut and hang.   By the time I got to the 3 rectangles on the side I was feeling pretty good about my abilities so I cut them the pieces in groups (like four 36 inch cuts, twelve 25 inch cuts and so on.

(At this point I would like to point out to avoid step 6.5 where your baby spills a gallon of paint on the carpet and you spend hours cleaning it up.)

Step 7: Caulk.  Load caulk into the caulk gun, snip a little off the top at an angle and get to work.  This may be breaking thing down a little to much, but just pull lightly on the trigger and run the bead of caulk along the edge of the molding then use or finger (or I realized I like to use a wipey) and run it along the caulk so it is nice and smooth and fills in the little crack between the molding and the wall.  If you skip this step, ,when you go to paint the wall and the molding there is be a dark not so good looking line where the paint runs under the molding.

See look no dark lines.  I can't believe I am showing you this close up.  Ahhh  oh also make sure you caulk the corners so they look better.

Step 8:  Sand any ugly spots.  See the lines by the nail there?  I maybe should have sanded that better, but other than look at it super up close in this picture I don't think anyone will ever notice.

Step 9: Paint.

Step 10 Enjoy!

Oh oh oh I almost forgot.  I have had a lot of people ask about that chair.  If you have been eyeing it at overstock and you where wondering what the color is really like.  The green is kinda a like a 70s (in a good way) light sagey avocado green and it is on a creamy not white background.  It is nice and light and not to bright.

Happy molding! Next up CROWN Molding.


  1. WoW!!! You did a great job it looks fantastic!

  2. Everything looks really beautiful. That's so funny that we have the same fabric. Do you have a picture of your curtains in your family room. I would love to see what that fabric looks like in a drape. I still have several yards left and would consider using it for that. Thanks.

  3. I'm new to your blog and am in LOVE with your gorgeous bird artwork that you did! so beautiful!

  4. What a beautiful job you did and it frames your fireplace perfect!
    I love it!

  5. You have such good taste. It just looks amazing. I especially love that painting with the birds. Would you mind sharing where you got it ?

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