Saturday, February 26, 2011

Silver's Dora Cake

I get a call yesterday from a mom who needed a birthday cake for her 3 years olds birthday party on Sunday, but I don't do cakes on Sundays so that meant I had to have it ready for pick up today.  Normally one day isn't really enough time for me to decide how to make the cake look, make everything, and get it made; but when she told me she just needed a Dora cake that would feed about 17 people right away I saw it in my mind.

I am really please with how it turned out.  Yay it was a good cake day. :)  The only lame thing about it was that my Silhoette came today I finally gave up on winning one and just shelled out the big bucks and I have been SO BUSY I haven't even opened it yet.  But tomorrow you better believe I am going to set that baby up and get to work.  (Insert girly squeal and heal pop here).

Don't forget All About Baby Month starts Monday with the Pinwheel quilt!!


  1. What an amazing cake!...Lovely blog!
    Would love to come here more often!:)

  2. I may just have to replicate this for my twin's 3rd birthday :) So cute!!

  3. Wow, what a cake! Just beautiful! Love all the color...very professional!