Monday, February 28, 2011

Its All About the Baby and the Pinwheel Quilt

Sound the trumpet... It's All About the Baby Month is here.  I have been so excited to get this started and I am kicking it off with a whole week of baby blankets (oh there is enough for a whole week of baby blankets) and 2 giveaways.  (excited squeal)  So with out farther ado I am so please to introduce Lyle's Pinwheel Quilt.

I made this sweet little quilt for my sister's baby.  When I asked her what she wanted she said bright blues and green and the rest was up to me.  I love being given creative freedom.  I really wanted it to be fun so right away I thought of a pinwheel block.  I guess this one is actually called a double pinwheel block.  I found the free pattern here.  At first I was a little confused by it until I realized their medium and dark fabrics where switched, not that that really matters for this quilt because I used the same fabric for the medium and the dark.

If you follow the pattern you will want to end up with twelve 12 inch blocks.  I serged mine together.  Now if you are a super awesome quilter who knows what they are doing you may be shacking your head at me right now.  Disclaimer:  I am a 100% self taught quilter and have just learned by doing what works for me.  If you are doing this one word of advice is to snip off some of the seam where the corners/seams come together.  That way you will avoid having a big fat hard lump at the center of each of your pinwheels.

Next lay them out.  I used 12 different fabrics so I didn't have to worry about having two of the same fabrics next to each other, but I did alternate the blues and greens.

Then I just picked them up two at a time and sewed them all together until they looked like this.

For the borders around the edges this really nice lady once told me to fold the quilt in half, measure that, then double it and make your border strip that size. Then pin it on and make it it fit even if you have to stretch it a little.  By doing that for all your borders I guess it will help your quilt not get wavy at the ends.  I assume she is right.  

To make the strips running through the border I sewed together 6 inch wide strip and then cut those so I would have 2 inch wide strips that I then sewed together to make one long strip.

I cut those one at a time as I went around the quilt so the pattern would turn the corners. Once that was on I added the last border piece and it was ready for basting, quilting, and binding.  

For the back I needed extra on all sides for quilting so I took a bunch of the scraps of left over pinwheel fabric and sewed them together in a long strip down the back off to one side of the back fabric.  I somehow forgot to take a picture of it, but it was seriously almost as cute as the front.

Since it was for my sister's baby I had his name quilted into it at the bottom.  Do you see it there?  I love how subtle it is.  In case you can't read it, that sweet little baby's name is going to be Carlisle Baxter Rathburn V.   I know right?  On one hand it is like "OH poor little baby," and on the other it is pretty awesome.  :)  My sister and her husband Carlisle Baxter Rathburn IV Carl like to tease that they are just going to call him Five.  Well it is more like Carl likes to tease Aimee that he is going to call him Five.  

Of course, before shipping it off to Alaska, Bryce had to test it out.  You know, make sure it would be good enough for his cousin Lyle to play My Little Ponies on.

It looks like it passed and Bryce is off to do other important pony related things.  I should rename that kid The Blur.  It seems like there is always a part of him that is blurry when I take his picture.

Well I think that is it for the pinwheel quilt.  See you tomorrow for the faux chenille baby blanket. (excited smiley face)


  1. I love this quilt! It turned out just beautiful and you did a great job! One question: what is that blue fabric with the little white 'branch' type things on it? I stumbled this post!

  2. I love this quilt! So adorable! Who makes the bright blue fabric with the little white tree/branch-type shapes and where did you find it? It is awesome!

  3. The blue fabric with the little white (actually very light blue) branch things is Liz Scott for Moda Sugar Pop Mod buds in aqua.

  4. Nice job on your quilt! I really like the swirling machine quilting pattern, and adding the name into the quilting is also a nice touch.

  5. Awesome quilt. I love the pinwheel pattern and the colors are a great combo. I absolutely love it!! i too am a self taught quilter. I can' wait to try the pinwheels. I would LOVE for you to link up your quilt at our link party.

  6. I love this quilt! I love the colors you chose and the white with green polka dot fabric! Thanks for sharing your project. You did an awersome job!!

    Hugs ~~ Suz

  7. Love the quilt and the colors! Cute!

  8. Oh how I love these colors and the pattern on the quilt. I just want a serger even more than before now. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Love your creativity, thanks for linking up to my blog bash K.I.S.S. @ The Tattered Tag. Please link up more of your great ideas tomorrow. :)

    Drop by The Tattered Tag