Saturday, February 5, 2011

Because you asked

My husband and I hung all the crown molding in the family room today.  It is so nice to have it all up.  There was a REALLY steep learning curve (and by steep learning curve I mean we mess up a lot on the first corner, but it got a lot easier after we messed up once) but in the end I think it looks (well will look) awesome.  I can wait to share it with you,and tell you all I learned so that if you are ever crazy enough to think to yourself "let's just put up some crown molding your learning curve won't have to be so steep).  But first I need to finish all the finish work and get it looking really pretty.  Right now it looks kinda like this....
Nothing a little paint, caulk, and sand paper can't make pretty.  Although it is a kinda big room, so it may take a while, considering we have 9 ft ceiling in there so I have so climb up and down the ladder every few ft.  It is a good thing I have evolved past the need for sleep. :)

I also got got my little sister baby quilt to the point where all that needs to be done is the binding.  I think it is the cutest quilt I have ever made.  I want to show it to you SO BADLY, but we will have to wait until Mrach :(. 

Anyway, Someone asked about how I did Emma's hair in one of the Disneyland pics.  I promise this is not going to become a hair blog, but I just thought I would share the how to with all of you.

This is the do.  It is one of our favorites.  I do her hair like the a lot.  It works great for keeping her hair out of her face and it is great for all hair types.  About a year ago Emma donated about 12 inches of her hair to Locks of Love.  I was proud of her for doing it, but I HATED her short hair, but this style was one of the few we could still do.  It also looks really cute with curled hair.

OK enough of me yammering on. Here is how to do it.  

Start with a zig zag part.

Take a back section and a make a little pony tail thingy (Ummm it is descriptions like pony tail thingy that are going to keep this from ever becoming a hair blog.)  I think I usually make the back pony thingy a little bigger than this, but what ever works.  And it doesn't have to be that perfect because the bottom of the triangle it forms is usually covered with bows.  if you are not going to us bows you may want to make sure it looks good.

Then take a little front part and make another little pony.  I usually take a comb and run a line from the point down to just in front of her ear.  Did that make since.  Whatever take a little from the front and make a pony. This style is very forgiving.

If you want to you can do that thing where you turn the rubber band back in on it's self like I with the front pony here.  What is that called?  Anyway I have one of the giant black plastic needle looking things that makes doing that fast and easy.  It is cute either way.  Also I would like to point out that I am using these rubber bands that I got at walmart.  They come in a little clear case that is divided into like 6 sections with 6 different colors of clear sparkley rubber band and can I just say I do not like them.  I think they would be great for maybe a 2 year old or if your daughter has really thin hair, but for Emma they are just plain old wussy and drive me crazy, but I keep forgetting to get more of the good one.

Sorry back on track.

Do the same thing on the other side.

Then add the bows.

I got these at Gymboree a while back, but I also have made some that are very similar.

 Divide each of your back ponies in half and connect two of them in the middle between the ponies with the bow.  If you didn't want to use a bow you could just use another rubber band here.

When you are done you are left with this.  I hope I didn't just make this sound long and complicated.  I promise it isn't.  It is less that 5 mins kinda do.

One more picture just because I like the funny face Emma is making.

OH Topsy Tail.  That is what those black plastic hair needle thingys are called.  I bought mine in a pack for like $2 on ebay.

If you are looking for more great hair dos I really like Girly Dos and
Babes in Hairland.  There are tons of great hair blogs, but these two are my favorites.


  1. She had a lovelly face!! And a beautiful hair.


  2. I'm so jealous you have hair to do, my daughter is almost 2 and is barley getting any hair in! Maybe one day... haha!