Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Valentine's Day Mantels

I have really been wanting to do some Valentine's decorating here at Corner House, but I started a major family room redecorating project in December and it is taking a little longer than I had planned.  I am still trying to decide if I am going to show you completed projects along the way, or wait for one big Ta-Da when it is done.  Add making a total bedding set for my lil sister's new baby and I have just been too busy to indulge in ruffly flowery hearts.   But I girl can dream can't she???

This vignette from The Casabella Project is totally dreamy!
I love the pink against the apple green desk and the texture of the hearts and topiary.  I wish I could just put this in my entryway or maybe at the top of my stairs just as it is.

I love the way Erin at In Between Laundry took seemingly ugly stuff and turned it into this pretty, light, and airy display!!

I am crazy in love with this mantel from Tatertots and Jello.  I love the wreath, garland, and especially the plates.  I think I really need to get a Silhouette.  I can't decide if I like this years or last years mantel better.  They are both so pretty.

I am totally sweet on this mantel at My Blonde Ambitions.  If I find the time I think I will have to make making one of those wreaths a priority and possibly a matching pillow or two.  

I think I may also have to make time to whip up a few of these little lovelys at Lemonade Makin' Mama.

Ok well seeing all these pretty pictures makes me really want to find the time to Love-ify my house.  So we will see I may find the time after all.


  1. All of these ladies have done such beautiful work. Valentine's aside. I wnat that awesome green desk!!!

  2. Those are all really cute posts from different blogs. That gave me some good ideas. I'm not good at the craftiness, but my friend made me a Valentine's "kissing ball" to hang from my chandelier that I'm happy about. I'm going to try and spice it up around here for Valentine's Day. Love your blog! :-)

  3. Thanks for the shout-out! You're so sweet and I LOVE that butterfly cake! :)