Friday, December 3, 2010

Okay I really need someones help!!!

About a week ago I saw this super crazy cute Christmas flannel and I got it in my head that I was going to make matching pajama pants and then some 90 min shirts that say naughty (or nice depending on the kid) for the kids Christmas pjs this year.  So yesterday I started with baby Brycey pants.

I used my favorite pair of Brycey's comfy pants to make a pattern, cut out both sides, surged it all up and in about 30 mins was feeling pretty pleased with myself when I put them in him and he looked so CUTE.

It was all good until a few hours later while sitting in the waiting room at an unplanned trip to the dentist office and I noticed this.

What the heck!!!!  How the freak did that happen???  They didn't seem to small and it is not like this was cheapo Joanns fabric.  This is Riley Blake's Colorful Christmas.   Grrrrr.

So today I set out to fix the problem.  I took the #^%%&@ pants and made what I am going to call a bum panel and a crotch panel.

Then I took my seam ripper and started taking them apart.  I HATE having to rip out seams.  Then I surged the panels in.

Then once the waist band was in...

It was time for the moment of truth...

Oh they look like they fit great.  Plenty of room in the crotch for crazy crawling.  And yet I checked about an hour later and it looked like they were starting to fray again!!!!!

So here is my question..... WHY?????  I have a lot more of these I want to make, but not if the stupid crotch is just going to rip out.  Does anyone out there know how to solve my problem???  Anyone??? Bueller??

Any advice all you amazing sewers have would be very much appreciated.



  1. I had a similar thing happen to a taggie blanket that I made. I think my problem was because of my seam allowance was too small. Could you increase it or reinforce the edges of your fabric? Sorry I don't have any better ideas. I hope you get this figured out though. The pants are really adorable!

  2. Sorry, no solution. I have pajama pants that are sheer that have done this to me several times. I restitch and patch. They are Liberty of London. I was SHOCKED!!!

  3. Oh! How frustrating and disappointing! The only thing I can think of is taking larger seams too. I wonder if the fabric 'binds' when he is busy crawling, and pulls at the seams? I know I had that problem when my kids were young. One thing that might possibly help, put elastic in the ankle hems. It helps to prevent his jammies sliding down over his feet when crawling, putting strain on the fabric.I hope you solve the problem! I found your blog this morning, and I've read through most of it. Your sewing projects are beautiful. (so are your kids, lol) I'm your newest follower, and I'm looking forward to many more posts!