Saturday, November 20, 2010

Winter Pillowcases or at least that is what I am calling them because my husband was giving me a hard time about putting out Christmas stuff before Thanksgiving.

That is kinda a long title.  But true.  My husband has only been giving me little bit of a hard time about all my Christmas decorating so when I showed him my newest creations I claimed they were winter pillow cases.  Yeah, I didn't fool him.

Any who, since I was doing a mountain of laundry today, including all the bedding, I decided it was time for Christmas pillowcases.  Pillowcases are super easy, and the kids LOVE them.

For the boys room I went with a flannel that matched the color theme.  I didn't have quite enough flannel to make them long enough so I added a band of extra Christmas fabric a had.  

To make these all you have to do is take a pillowcases you already have and use it to how much fabric you need.  In my case the flannel I had on hand was just a little shorter than I wanted so I cut a 9.5 inch wide band the same length as the flannel.  Sewed the ends, folded it over, ironed it flat, and serged it to case.

Easy peasy lemon squeezey

Oh Cute...


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  1. Very cute! I can't wait to "winterize" my house this week. Thank you again for my wonderful prize. I sang your praise on my blog when I got it in the mail!