Wednesday, November 10, 2010


It is not to late to enter the giveaway. You have until midnight tonight.  So if you haven't already entered.... do it!

I have a ton of skirts to list in my Etsy store. I will get some up tonight and then more tomorrow (mostly baby skirts tomorrow).


  1. Just wanted to say that they're all SUPER cute! But don't enter me cause I really don't have anyone to give it to!

  2. Laura, so I am still not the savviest blogger and I am counting this as telling you I am a follower of your blog and I love you!!! LOL Couldn't figure out how to enter a comment after becoming a follower!? Really don't laugh at me, well not too hard anyway... here I come facebook! Have I mentioned I haven't won anything before?!

  3. I can't wait! I really, really want one of these for my little one for Christmas!