Friday, November 19, 2010

My Little Ballerina

I love doing my daughter's hair.  I do it every morning and although I am a hair enthusiast I have tried to keep hair out of my blog.  After all there are life blogs, there are craft blogs, there are cooking blogs, and there are hair blogs.  I figure I should at least try keep some focus on this blog.  That said, I took Emma to the Nutcracker last night and I just have to share how cute her hair turned out.

I will apologize in advance for the poor picture quality.

 She is such a poser and yes I have gotten out my Christmas stuff.

I started by putting her hair in curlers the night before.  She just wore it down and curly to school that day.

Then I did a braid on each side that curved around.

 Then I braided up the back and pinned some curls in place.  Add a little hair spray and you are done.  She actually slept in it and it was still cute when she went to school today.

On a side note this was our first year going to The Nutcracker.  I have been wanting to take her for years, but wasn't sure she was ready for it, but this year was perfect.  On the drive to the theater I told her the story so it would be fresh in her mind and she would know what was going on.  She was so excited she just sat there in a trance the whole first half.  Then I bought her a nutcracker during intermission.  She held it close the whole second half.

I love having a little girl to do girly things with!

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