Thursday, November 11, 2010

Merry Little Christmas Skirts

My poor little baby has been sick this week, so I have not been able to be a productive as I would have hoped. This means that I thought I would have 5 more skirts to list right now (3 baby, 1 toddler, 1 little girl, and one big girl), instead I have 2.  The others are well on their way and will in my store Friday or Saturday.

I am pleased to introduce the Merry Little Christmas skirts!!  I think these may be my favorite holiday skirts this year.

Baby Skirt!

Baby skirt close up.

How much do you LOVE this fabric!!! Soooo Pretty!

I had lost the light in this picture, but I really wanted a picture of the cute little shopping girls.

Toddler skirt

Ummm please look past the fact that I didn't trim my strings before taking the pictures.  I was trying to get some pictures before I lost the light.

I am planning on doing a 5-6-7 size and a 7-8-9 size in this same line.  They will be similar to these skirts,  but  I am going to do the other 2 baby skirts first.  That means that if you have twins or something and you want a double of one of these Merry Little Christmas Skirts let me know and I will still have enough fabric to do it.

Next comes the Skirt Giveaway WINNER!!!  Who's excited???


  1. I am totally excited! I was totally busy today w/ cleaning 2 bathrooms and doing floors and laundry, I almost forgot about this whole thing! So when do we find out? I wanna know!!! Love ya!

  2. I'm so visiting etsy to order a Maddie sized one. :)

  3. Its so cute i love it. i love the trim around the bottom xxx