Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fall Wreath

I know it is not amazingly creative or innovative...and I am pretty sure no one is going to be copying me, but I like it.

And I like the price.  I found the wood wreath in my in-laws basement, then I wrapped it with a leaf garland that I got 50% off and added a little apple pick.  We are talkin' like $6.


  1. That's lovely. I need a new wreath and I just haven't been about to part with the $30 it takes to get a decent one. I'm not in, I got NO skills in the craftiness dept. So this is a tough one for me. I should try something like this just for a little practice.

  2. love it! i'm one of andrea's friend. this is a fun blog. I have a holiday blog that if you ever want to be a guest poster to, let me know!