Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday Craziness... or should I say Thursday!!!

I have to say I was disappointed and annoyed with all the stores  (like Michaels and Toys R Us) who were open on Thanksgiving.  Like anyone needs to go to Michaels on Thanksgiving.  It seems like a slippery slope to me.  In a few years "Black Friday"  will start on Thursday morning and Thanksgiving will be just another day.  Come on retailers is nothing sacred anymore.  Are they going to start having a huge crazy sale on Christmas morning???

That said I was at Walmart for the midnight madness.  Normally I try to avoid Walmart, but the allure of $25 Leapster 2s had me willing to check it out plus I am less annoyed with places that started thier sales at midnight... that is at least technically Friday. I had dreams of getting Emma and Alan Leapster 2s, but when I got there one hour before the sale started all 24 leapsters when already "claimed" by the women surrounding the pallet and oh you should have seen the looks I was getting for even daring to ask about or stand near them.  So fearing for my life I chose to go stand by the moon dough and Zhu Zhu pets.  At midnight everything went crazy and someone in the front dumped a ton of Zhu Zhus into her cart and the started throwing them back. I was luckly enough to catch 3 of them as they flew by.  Later when I was standing completely stuck near the video games, I started talking to the lady next to me.  She had come for a Zhu Zhu pet and didn't get one.  So I gave her one of mine.  After what seemed like a life time I made it across the store to the frozen food section.  There I found the craziest thing I have ever seen.  I guess there where DVDs there.  I say guess because there was no way I was getting close enough to see them.   There were just mounds of people and every so often you would hear "Dragons" and DVDs of How to Train Your Dragon would go flying into the air and people would grab for them like they were solid gold.  Then came the waiting game.  The lines were insanity.

Right here is were I would put a picture of my haul, but I already wrapped them up so the kids don't find them.

I was pleased with my haul when I got home.  Even though the kids won't be getting Leapsters:(, Emma will get a littlest pet shop and a Liv girl, Alan and Logan will get the Imaginex Batman cave they have been wanting for years, and then each got an Iron man, and lets not forget the Zhu Zhus and moon dough.  All that for less than $100.  Not to bad considering the batman thing is usually $89.99 and Liv girls are $18.  Those two alone would have been as much as I spent on everything.

The best black Friday ever was last year when I went out with two of my Aunts (well they are more like friends).  All three of us were pregnant (one of them with twins).  It was crazy, but people were all really nice to us.  Maybe if I had been really pregnant this year I would have been able to get a Leapster.  But probably not.

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