Saturday, November 20, 2010

Are You sick of Christmas skirts yet

I still think they are CUTE, but I am now burned out on making Christmas skirts.  I am SO ready to move onto Christmas PJs for the kids, Christmas Decorating, and of course Christmas  baking.  Not to mention all the other baking I will be doing this week.  I am still trying to decide what kind of pie to make for Thankgiving.  I usually do French Silk Chocolate pie, but some one else signed up to bring Chocolate pie.  My husband has got it in his head that we need to bring a Cherpumple....

(I got this picture from

If you don't know what you are looking at, a Cherpumple is a cherry pie baked in a white cake, an apple pie baked in a spice cake, and a pumpkin pie baked in a yellow cake all stacked up and frosted in cream cheese frosting.  What do you think???  Does that sound good or gross?   I kinda want to do it but substitute the cherry pie for the before mentioned French silk, but you don't bake French silk so it would be a little harder to figure out.

Ok enough on that.  I have a lot of yummy Thanksgiving recipes.  Would anyone like me to share those next week?  

Alright and now to the original reason from this post.  I made a few more Christmas skirts.  

These are in my store and ready go.  :)


  1. The skirts are adorable I would love to have one for my 2 year old grandbaby but the Cherpumple looks great to me and gross to two of my friends!! LOL!

  2. thanks for linking to my party! i featured this today :)