Monday, October 11, 2010

Halloween Front Porch-scape

Well.... I am done.  Or at least as done as I am going to get for this year.  I think it is a lot cuter in person, but this will give you a good idea.

In person these trees are gorgeous!!  The coolest thing about this this a very little I spent on this.

Trees: Free
Wreath: $2
Halloween Sign: $1
6 Glass Containers from DI: $4.50
A Few Cans of the Cheap Spray Paint (bought with 40% off coupons): $7
Super CUTE Skull Tower: $3
Jute Rope and Hooks: $4

That pumpkin is going to be carved as Wolverine in the next few weeks.  

Do you want to know a secret??? Those black boxes with the white "trees" in them are diaper boxes.   Yup, I am that trashtastic (I think I read that word somewhere).

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  1. Diaper boxes!!! I love it! It all looks great!