Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Halloween Costume Week - Day 6 - Well My Day Was Scarier Than the Costumes

So here is my day.  I haven't been feeling well, I was up a ton with my baby Brycey, who usually sleeps well but also wasn't feeling well, and this morning I woke up to 3 of my children sitting on my bed watching Go Diego Go, which explained why the only thing I remembered about my dream was that there were people chanting for someone named beaver. (It was an episode where they save a beaver)  When I got up I realized I had to leave to take Emma to school in 10 mins, I hadn't showered since Sunday, I hadn't packed her lunch the night before and she was out of money on her school lunch account.  Things really didn't get much better as the day wore on.
 Shortly after Emma got home from school, the kids were playing out side and I was trying to get the kitchen cleaned up when there was a knock at the front door.  (For some reason my children can't seem to be able to open our front door.)  Anyway my 4 year old, the one who threw up on my bedroom floor yesterday and then informed his sister "I just came up stairs and threw up all over mom's floor, thats when we noticed I was sick," says "Logan just threw up on the sidewalk!"  Oh poor Logan.  He is just so cute and little and charming and there he was with barf dripping down his face, shirt, and pants, surrounded by what was moments before in his tummy.  Then I made him take off his soiled clothes right there in the driveway and his friends laughed at him because he was "just wearing a diaper."  He very proudly corrected them that it was a pull up, did I mention he is 2?  Anyway so I get him in the house, clean him up, and then go outside to spray off the sidewalk.  Then I come back in finish getting Logan settled in fresh clothes and a "puke bowl" and give him a phone so he can play the matching game.  Moments later Logan threw up again, on my phone.  I got that cleaned up and then it happened again, this time just on the wood floors.  So I decided to put Logan in the bath.  While I am getting Logan in the bath I put Baby Bryce in his exersaucer and ask Emma to watch him while I get the bath ready and clean things up.  Oh did I mention that by this time Logan had thrown up on the sofa in the family by this point.  So I get Logan in the bath and my hubby gets home.   He asked what is all over Bryce.  I respond "nothing, there was nothing on him when I put him in there."  In the moments it took for me to get Logan in the bath and clean up the mess Emma had taken ORANGE MARKER and drew on his face and arms!!!  Are you KIDDING ME!  Hubs held Bryce in the bathroom so Logan wouldn't be alone while I made dinner.  Then Logan threw up in the tub.  Hubs took that one so I could get dinner on the table.  This was all about an hour before my mother in law was supposed to get there and the house was a wreck.  It  is a good thing she loves me regardless of how clean my house is.

 The kids are all in their beds now.  Poor Logan has thrown up two more times.

This brings me to today's costumes.  As much as I love making costumes sometimes there just isn't time to craft.  So today I bring you dragons and dinosaurs in all their store bought goodness.

This was the year Alan decided Logan and he would be dinosaurs.  I was disappointed when I got Alan's costume in the mail, because it was a size 2T 4T, the boy was 2 years old, and it was TOO SMALL.  So I added all the darker green stuff to the costume to make it a little bigger.  And I had to make Logan's hood part a little smaller because it was HUGE.
In the end I thought they looked really cute.

So then last October was CRAZY for our family.  I have been meaning to tell you about that.  Maybe sometime soon.  Anyway as a tender mercy from above I had already gone onto Old Navy and let the boys pick out their costumes.  So costumes were one less thing I had to worry about.  

My boys LOVED these costumes and still wear them on a very regular basis.  

Ok so I have to prepare you for tomorrow.  It will possibly be one of the coolest costumes you will ever see.

Also don't forget to come back on Friday for my first ever linky party.

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