Friday, October 1, 2010

Halloween Costume Week - Day 2 - The Frog Prince

One year the kids were a Princess and the Frog Prince.  It was nice back when they didn't really have opinions about their costumes.  For the Frog Prince I got a frog costume from Old Navy off of ebay.  Then I used yellow felt and a yellow iridescent fabric to make a crown.  Then places little strips of wire between the layers at each of the points so the crown would hold its shape and used that iron on fusible stuff to stick the layers together.  Then I just sewed in onto the hood of the frog costume.

To make the princess skirt I used a glittery organza with layers of pink tulle over the top.  Then I folded some organza in half and cut it into a half oval kinda shape and then gathered along the cute edge, the forms the bustle. Last I added a little fabric flower where the two points of the bustle comes together in the front.  

To make the corset I just cut a length of pink waffle fleece, added holes in the front and strung ribbon through the holes.  Then just throw on a crown and some princess jewels and you got yourself a princess.  This costume was used in the dress up box for years.  Actually, it is still in there now, but the skirt if a little short now.

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  1. They were and still are adorable!!!



  2. Pretty butterfly cake! It's amazing the butterflies stay on! Pretty costumes, as well. Great posts!! :-)