Friday, October 8, 2010

Halloween Costume PARTY!!!

Oh I am SO excited to see everyones costumes.  

First off here is my contribution to this party.

This picture is a serious flash back for me.  It is from way back when my pretty Emma girl was a fat little baby.  Man hubby looks down right awesome as a hunchback.  Certainly not one of his more attractive moments. :)  I am lovin' the long black wig.... maybe I should grow my hair out and die it black.... maybe not.

Ahhh.  Emma was such a cute fairy princess.

Anyway, now it is your turn!

Please share your Halloween Costume ideas!!

Remember they can be this year's creations or from 5 years ago.   Just please keep them family friendly (After all there is usually a 4 year old sitting over my shoulder.)

If you have never taken part in a linky party.... 
don't worry it is easy!!
Just copy/paste the web address of the specific blog post, not your blog home page.
Add a title of the project in the title box
Then choose to add a picture from your computer or the web.

Also please link back to Corner House in your post
that way more people can come and join the party!!
 Just copy/paste the code below at the bottom of your post.

halloween bats

And if you are looking for more Halloween Costume inspiration I did a whole week of Halloween costumes.
Princess and The Frog Prince
Strawberry Shortcake
Sam I Am and The Cake in The Hat
Goldilocks and The Three Bears
Dinosaurs and Dragons


  1. DUH... Laura, I'm sorry my link is not about Halloween costumes. I saw Halloween Linky and that's all my brain absorbed. You can delete the link.

  2. Kristol - Don't worry about it. I am just glad you stopped by and linked something. Plus it is a totally cute wreath.

  3. Thanks for all the costume ideas, and thanks for stopping by.

  4. What a fun costume party... and I really enjoyed all of your costume ideas last week!

  5. I saw the Penelope costume one fo your friends had ...does she remember wehre she got that nose? i have never seen one so realistic or with application instructions

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