Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Princess Nightstand

So this project turned out so much cuter than I thought it would.

This sweet little nightstand was very ugly and lonely (because it didn't have a mirror) in its first life.  Then it was given to me about 5 years ago and I made it look like this (only a slight improvement).

I sprayed it with a can of white spray paint years ago.  The kids took off and lost the knobs and ever since we moved into our house is sat in the corner in the 5th bedroom/laundry folding room/craft room.  Then a few months ago it was joined by a mirror which was an unexpected surprise that came along with a large, ugly, 60s dresser... that I got for FREE.  (My favorite price)

So I took the mirror apart and then primed and painted both pieces white.  Then I took some leftover pink paint from Emma's walls, a dry smallish paint brush, and a baby wipe. I brushed on some pink and then used the wipe to take most of it back off.

Adding the pink was one of those last minute things that just kinda happen in the evolution of a project. It came about because there was this inset above the mirror (that I was originally planning on leaving out until I realized that with out it you would just see the ugly back that I have just taken off) that I painted a pink castle on.

I am still on the hunt for cute knobs (for some reason I don't really feel like loading up the kids and taking them to Hobby Lobby).  But I do rather enjoy the finished project thus far.


  1. The room is amazing, my three year old "princess" saw it and went nuts!! What a lucky girl! Where did you get the bed frame?

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