Saturday, September 25, 2010

Contemporary Butterfly Cake

I love it when my house smells like cake.  My four year old came down the stairs while I was cooking and said "Mom, what smells like cookies?"  When I told him I was making cake his eyes lit up until I told him it was not for him.  So I had to make a few cupcakes with the leftover batter.  

I am LOVING this cake.  The moment I saw this cake, I knew I just had to make one.   Plus I apparently really love this color scheme.  It is the main color scheme in my house.

I posted more pictures of these cute little creations on my new Corner House Cakes webs site.  It is still under construction, but since we are friends I will let you look around at my mess.

And lastly just because I was messing around with making 4 inch cakes I made this little cutie.

I just wanted to keep it really simple, after all the best part of this cake is on the inside.  I will have to give it away so that I don't eat it.  Do I have any takers?  Seriously if you live close to me and you want it, it is yours. :)


  1. Okay, I think I'm going to die of cuteness overload. I found this on a linky party (I think) and immediately forwarded to a friend of mine who's planning a baby shower with me. Whether or not we use it this time, I'm so using it someday!!

    I've never used fondant before so this seems like a good first experience with it! LOVE IT! And love the colors you chose!

  2. you did a great job on those butterflies. Is the inside colored too?

  3. Thanks! The inside is not colored. The birthday girl wanted a cookies 'n cream cake. So not colored, but VERY yummy. :)

  4. Love this Laura!!! I need to come over for a lesson!!!!! Beautiful!



  5. oh my goodness this is BEAUTIFUL!! I'd love for you to come link it up at sundae scoop

  6. This is SO gorgeous! How inspiring!
    You should come link this up to my Making It With Allie link party!

  7. Its gorgeous! Love the colour scheme! TFS!

  8. Just found your blog through links. Love it! If you ever need new recipes ideas or would like to be feature come check out our site and send us a email.
    Also there is a fantastic giveaway going on right now.

  9. My MIL is going to die over this cake! She is so inlove with specimen art right now. This turned out amazing! And...if we ever need to get rid of our new door I will keep you in mind!

    ps I am doing a giveaway on my blog for everyone that voted for me so make sure you go and enter!!

    love your guts

  10. What a beautiful cake! Amazing work!