Monday, August 2, 2010

Tee Shirt Shrug and the Emma Dress, Plus New Family Pictures

A few weeks back we got some new family pictures taken, thanks to Tracy Leavitt.  It really was about time. The kids were pretty good sports, but it was hard to get them all to look the same direction at the same time.

And sometimes looking in the same direction and being happy was optional.
Atleast Emma is always happy to be with her Grandma.

 I was very excited to make the t-shirt shrug, to go over the new dress I made for Emma.  The shrug I made was actually from an old, stained, too small Gap pajama top, but I thought that was the perfect test top.  These shrugs are so fun and easy to make, I have already set asides 2 other tees to turn into ruffle shrugs.  The one thing I will do differently with the next ones I make is to make them a little longer or bigger.

Okay, so for Emma's dress I used Amy Butler Love fabrics, shirred the top and added an extra ruffle to the bottom.  I love how sweet it turned out and it is Emma's new favorite dress.


  1. Love the dress and the shrug. You have a beautiful daughter :)

  2. I love the ruffled shrug. I have been thinking of making one for a while now.Great way to recycle (or upcycle as I like to call it.) I love it and would love to see you post this at my linky party Upcycled Awesome!

  3. It turned out adorable. Love the ruffle look. Beautiful kids.

  4. Thank you so much for linking up to I am having a Stash-Busting September party. Check the blog for details soon...

  5. This is adorable. I love the material you used for the dress and I absolutely think the shrug is darling. The finish on the sleeves are gorgeous!