Wednesday, August 25, 2010

So has anyone noticed my lack of posting?

I know I have.  So here is the deal.  When I started this blog I was spending a lot of time sitting around on my computer feeding my baby.  Then my baby grew a few inches and learned how to kick things.  Then he started kicking my computer while he was eating.  And then one day my poor little laptop got kicked one time too many and now the screen no longer stays up... it is just totally floppy making it a little bit more difficult to use.  Anyway so that is my big excuse.  I think I will be trying to get back into it more now that school has started up, but I guess that means my next project will have to be something that will hold up my laptop screen.  I am thinking maybe some kind of stoppers made out of clay or possibly popsicle sticks and tape would do the trick.  I know it is lame, but so it typing with one hand while you hold up your screen with the other.  And if any of you wonderfully imaginative people out there have any better ideas please pass them on.

and just because every post needs a picture, here you go:

I have been thinking a lot about cake lately and possibly starting a cake business... because I have nothing to do.  :)


  1. Post when you want. Never feel guilty. That is my blogging attitude. But I hardly ever post. Anyway, that cake is b-e-autiful!! Did you make it? What a pretty idea. You should do it. This post made me hungry.