Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer fun

Oh man did my kids have fun playing with friends today.  In total 10 different kids under the age of 7 came through my front door.  It is funny to me that in the summer you normally think of fun out door things to do, but when the temps get to high the kids come in.  Now when all those kids ended up in the family room in front of the tv I thought I better suggest one of our old standbys.  When the kids are seeming bored I like to get out the pony beads and pipe cleaners (or whatever kind of cereal we have with holes in it) and let them bead.  The pipe cleaners are nice because even a 2 year old can bead with them and then there are lots of fun things they are turn them into.

Here's 6 of them having fun and check out the dishes on the counter...just keeping it real.

So here are a few things the kids made.  The long things the kids like to pretend are snakes.  They also made necklaces, bracelets, and crowns.   We also used Apple Jacks, but surprisingly those all went home with the kids.  The other nice thing about using pipe cleaners is that later you can take some of them apart and use them all over again.