Thursday, July 1, 2010

Heart Swimsuit

I recently picked up this cute little swimsuit at Old Navy for $8.  But when I got it home I realized it had the same problem that all my princess's swimsuits have.  The size small is too big, but the next size down is to short.  So I thought to myself I can fix this.

This particular swimsuit had just two problems.   It was gaping open in the front and was a little too low.  So first I added rows of shirring in the back and a few more rows forming a little triangle design under the bow in the front.  When I first learned how to do shirring I Googled it and then did a little trial and error.  It works best for me if I hand wind elastic thread into the bobbin making sure it is not pulled tight at all, but also not loose. Then with regular thread on top, my stitch length set on about 3 and lightly looser tension.  I just stitch rows making sure to go back on forth at the start and stop of each row.  It really is very easy and fun.

Next I just folded the straps over on themselves a little in the back and sewed it down by hand (that way I know it will stay, but it will be easy to cut the stitches next summer and return it to its original length.)

And Ta-da.  The shirring really adds a cute little something extra to the suit.

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  1. What a great idea! I love altering clothing to suit my needs - I'm so glad I'm not afraid to rip stuff to shreds in the quest for a perfectly fitting blouse, skirt, etc. I totally need to learn how shirring works. I'm such a sewing machine newbie! Love your blog!