Monday, June 14, 2010

Do you wanna join my book club?

If ten years ago you where to tell me that I would LOVE reading and would often read 400+ page books in a matter of days, I probably would have tilted my head to the side and say "no" with a quizzical look only face.
That said I love reading. I just got my hands on Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins and devoured it. Catching Fire is the squeal to The Hunger Games. If by some chance you haven't heard about this series it is basically about a post-apocalyptic country called Panem where the government known as The Capitol rules over the 12 districts. As a reminder of their weakness and how The Capitol rules over them every year a boy and a girl from each district is chosen as a tribute to take part in The Hunger Games; where basically all the tributes are placed in an arena and forced to kill or be killed while the whole country is forced to watch. But really they are books about love, family, and the human will to fight (each other, for each other, for ourselves, and whats right).
Anyway I won't tell you anymore than that because you really just need to read it for yourself. I just couldn't put either one down for very long, they are well written and easy put you right back where you left off and they are a quick read that will leave you wanting more.

So enough about that, once a month I meet with some gals for the neighborhood book club and we have a good old time discussing that month's book and then of course partake in some yummy treats and socializing.

This past month we read The Help by Kathryn Stockett. It is set in the early 1960s in Jackson Mississippi, pretty much during the height to the civil right movement. The story it told from the point of few of three different women, Miss Skeeter (a white unmarried college grad in her early 20s), Aibileen (an older black maid raising her 17th white baby), and Minny (a 30 something black maid with attitude). It is a very interesting book with intriguing and realistic characters. I personally didn't love it, but a lot of people in my group really did. I think the main reason I didn't love it was that there is a lot of mild language and I found that distracting. But it really makes you think a lot about racism then and now without being in your face.
I was so shocked by the lack of reason behind segregation. Like it was ok for a black person to bag your groceries, clean your kitchen, and make your food... but you wouldn't want them to be able to shop at the same grocery store because they would be touching all the food.. What!?! really? And it seemed like every white person would talk about how much they loved their black maid growing up and what a great person she was and then they would grow up and treat their own maid like crap. I must say I always wanted to hear more of the maid's stories and found the love/hate relationships on both side to be very interesting.
One of the questions from book club was who was your favorite character and why? It seemed like most people liked Minny the best, but my favorite was Celia. I Loved her. Maybe because it was the description of her looking like Marilyn Monroe and the fact that she just didn't get it and didn't see where the racial lines were drawn. She didn't see the lines between her "white trash" self and the "society" ladies she wanted to be apart of and she didn't see the lines between her and Minny that would keep her from sitting down and eating lunch or watch tv with her. She was a very love able character, even though sometimes, like when she kept wearing tacky outfits and calling Hilly, you just wanted to slap some sense into her.

So what do you think? Have you read it? Did you like it? Who was your favorite character?

Next months book is And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie.


  1. Hi Laura! I think these are the same books my nephew had a reading contest with his friends with. I hear they are fantastic and that they are real page turners.

    I noticed that you were friends with Bekah. I am going to be in Utah near the end of July to throw a baby shower for my good friend Amanda Stoker Conorich and it will be at Karley Williams Checketts house in SLC. I would LOVE to get to know you better and I'd love it if you could come. :-) E-mail me your mailing address if you think that you might like that.

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