Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A shelf fit for a princess

or at least a princess room.

I did it! I reclaimed the "play room" and am in the process of turning it into my craft/laundry room. The only problem is what to do with all those toys. Well most of them are going to be moved down to the basement, but quite a few of them are going to be moved into the kid's bedrooms. Sadly we really are lacking in the furniture department.

So I took this shelf that was already in Emma's room and didn't really match because it was from when she had a kitty garden and now she has a princess room.

And this shelf that was in the play room

And I turned them into one shelf that would work a lot better in her room.

Emma was very excited to start putting things on her new shelf and chose where to put things herself. We still have a box or two of dolls and stuff to load into it. So I plan on putting the top of it to good use.

Supply list: Two shelves that are the same depth, primer, paint, quilt batting, fabric, staple gun, heavy duty staples, leather/protective gloves, butter knife, flat brackets, wood screws, a piece of wood trim, hammer nails.

Wow when I was doing this I didn't realize there so many supplies.

Ok to before you start you will need to measure the height of the shelves and then add a few extra inches so you will know how much fabric to buy and then measure the fronts, add it together and get that many inches of molding.

So here is how I did it.
First I took out any removable shelves. Then I took the backs off of the shelves. The shelves I had had large staples holding the back on so I used a butter knife it pry them off. On the second staple I realized I should be wearing so kind of gloves because I pulled a staple out and sliced right through my finger tip. Then I set the backs aside for awhile. Next I primed and painted everything else including my piece of trim. Once the paint was dry I laid the shelves down on their front and then one at a time I upholstered the backs.

First lay out the fabric wrong side up and get it all even. Then place a few staples so it stays on place. Next cover that with the batting and the shelf back. At this point you can trim away some of the extra.

So now for some fun. Get your staple gun, fold the fabric and batting back over the shelf back and staple through all the layers pulling it tight as you go. I find it works best if you find a spot in the pattern of the fabric and always staple that spot.

Do one side, then the other, then the top, and then the back. And there you have it a shelf with an upholstered back.

Cute right?

So now you should have two upholstered shelves. For this next step I found it easiest to move the shelves to where I was going to want them and then lay them back down on their fronts. Push them together and use the flat bracket and screws to stick them together. You may want an extra set of hand to help you keep them pushed together.
Ok we are at the home stretch. Stand the shelves up and nail you piece of trim to the front, put the extra shelves back in, bracket the shelf to the wall, and stand back and enjoy your handy work.


  1. This turned out beautiful!!! Makes me want to do something like that! Fun!!!




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